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Wealth By Design

Developing a customized wealth management plan on your own can be complicated.

That’s where we come in.

1 Financial Planning (through Stifel’s Wealth Planning)
2 Investment Strategy
3 Risk Management Strategy
4 Estate Planning
5 Tax Planning (We’ll work in conjunction with your CPA)


Our process analyzes five key areas of focus by:

✓ Discovering what you currently have,
✓ Understanding what you objectively need, and
✓ Uncovering what you want

We call it Wealth by Design.


• Am I Taking Appropriate Risk?
• When Can We Retire?
• How Much Do We Need to Not Outlive Our Money?
• How Should My Assets Be Managed?
• What If the Market Crashes?
• Are We Covered for a Long-Term Care Need?
• Are We Over/Underinsured With Life Insurance?
• Should We Pay Down Debt or Max Out Retirement?
• When Should We Take Social Security?
• Can We Fully Pay for Our Children’s College?
• Multiple Retirement Accounts
– 401(k) Plan
– 403(b) Plan
– Roth IRAs
– Deferred Compensation
• Old Life Insurance Policies
– Whole Life Policy
– 20-Year Term Policy

• Stock Options
• Brokerage Account
• CDs
• Real Estate Income
• ocial Security Statement
• Mortgages
• Old Wills
• 529 Plans
• Maintain Current Lifestyle Throughout Retirement
• Alignment of Assets With Risk Tolerance and Plan Demands
• Tax-Efficient Strategies for Non-Retirement Accounts
• Analysis of Risk Management Needs for Life, Long-Term Care, and Disability Insurance
• Proper Social Security Income Planning and Timing
• Peace of Mind
• Asset Allocation Coordination Across All Accounts
• Moderate Volatility
• Pay Down Debt While Also Funding Retirement Goals
• Annual Family Trips
• Charitable Giving
• Retire at Age 65
• Education Funding for Next Generation


We offer:

✓ Continuous Investment Due Diligence
✓ Account Aggregation Through Stifel Tools
✓ Customized and Professionally Managed Assets
✓ Living Balance Sheet
✓ Living Wealth Management Plan
✓ Established Retirement Plan Strategy
✓ Implement Risk Management Strategy Based On Current and Future Needs
✓ Ongoing Planning Meetings
✓ Customized Performance Reporting
✓ Established Strategy for Each Concern


For many, even the thought of financial planning can be overwhelming. Our team understands that your most valuable asset is your time. This is why we have created a unique, collaborative, and engaging session of meetings to execute our Wealth By Design process.

Our three-meeting introductory process begins with a Discovery Meeting, which allows us to understand who you are now and where you’d like to go in the future. We discuss where there is value and if we are a good fit. Next, we will reconvene for a second, in-depth meeting, to work interactively with technology and engage personally with our planning team about your goals.

This meeting is the heart of our process, where we begin to uncover what you Have, Need, and Want. Often times, we discover gaps that need to be addressed. This introductory series ends with a Strategy Meeting, where we will run real-time scenarios and present tailored strategies to your family or business.

Once your plan is live, it will become a living document, able to grow and adapt as your life changes. Wealth By Design is a process, which means we will meet for Dynamic Planning meetings at least once a year to track progress and update goals. We look forward to taking the first step toward planning for a better future.